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Waterlog: Two Rivers Press
Due South: Signal Books, Oxford
White Horizons: British Antarctic Survey
Flood Cycle: Signal Books, Oxford
Landscapes of Exploration: UPP
The Sea Book: Modus Books, Guildford
Antarktikos: An Anthology, published in the Netherlands in 2022


BBC South Today
Radio Four: Front Row
Anglia Television
Blog: National Maritime Museum
'Big Freeze', Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge
'Two Islands', Sedgewick Museum, Cambridge Festival

John Kelly

Residences and Fellowships

  • British Antarctic Survey (BAS)
  • Svalbard Research Station (NERC)
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Museum
  • Aland Archipelago, Finland
  • Tyndall Centre for Climate Change (UEA)
  • Anchorage Museum, Alaska
  • Barrow Arctic Science Consortium, Alaska (BASC)
  • Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI)
  • Norwegian Polar Research Institute (NPRI)
  • Reykjavik University, Iceland
  • London School of Theology (LST)
  • Royal Navy HMS Protector
  • Icelandic Institute of Natural History

Forthcoming Exhibitions/Group Exhibitions

2022 'Two Islands'. Sedgewick Museum, University of Cambridge
2026 'Polar Panoramics'. Scott-Polar Research Institute
2026/7 'Sacred Islands: Road to Lindisfarne'. Durham University
2027/8 'Skies of Wrath'. Venue to be confirmed


2022 'Two Islands: A Study of Time' Sedgewick Museum, Cambridge
2021 'Two Islands' Lapworth Museum, Birmingham2009 Uncertain Weather: Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum
2009 Flood Cycle: Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge
2007 Due South: Oxford University Museum
2006 Due South: Cambridge Zoological Museum
2006 Due South: Cheltenham Art Gallery & Museum
2005 Due South: Manchester Museum
2004 Due South: Natural History Museum, London

Group Exhibitions

2018 Polar Encounters: Bonhams Showroom, London
2016 Climate Change: The Forum, Norwich Science Festival
2016 The Great White South: Bonham's Showroom, London
2015 Landscapes of Exploration: Bournemouth University
2013 Tipping Point; Wolverhampton Museum and Art Gallery
2012 Landscapes of Exploration; Penninsula Arts, Plymouth (touring)
2007 White Horizons: Edinburgh Conference Centre
2006 Gesture, Subject and Object: Photographers Gallery (on line)
2004 Tablelands: Newfoundland and Labrador Museum
2001 The Sea: Wolverhampton Museum and Art gallery


Magdalen College, Oxford
Wolfson College, Oxford
East Riding Museum
Cheltenham Art gallery & Museum
Scott Polar Research Institute, Cambridge
British Antarctic Survey