New Work

New Work: Storylines


'Keeping the Twilight' concerns the north and our interpretation of it as an area defined by the convention of timelines rather than as a land mass. For people of the northern regions, Keeping the Twilight or Pitaa Hamaraa is an essential aspect of their sense of place.

'Northland: Journeys into the Twilight' includes the imaginary journey of Umitai, the 'moonbook' and Twilight Forensics.

Lost Worlds

Lost Worlds form an autobiographical work based upon the earlier journeys into the northern Arctic region. Like the journey of Umitai, this work uses photo-montage.

Re-defining the sublime

With the present emphasis on the effects of climate change, the use of photo montage has been adapted to depict 'sublime' images of the stormy weather within high energy systems. The daily practise of recording the last light has been extended to 'skywash' studies along the coast, using gouache and inks.

These works are used in sequences with text and science data and have resulted in 'panoramas' and 'scrolls'. This format has been applied to the 'Antarctic Penninsula' and most recently the 'Skies of Wrath'.

Moments in Time

The theme of storylines is paralleled in the writing of Moments in Time. This unpublished snapshot from travels in a range of locations that includes North Africa and the Middle East, forms a collection of stories.

These include Coastal Dialogues, The Voice of the Nile, Journey to Jerusalem and most recently, Peruvian Odyssey and Ecuador: Travels across the Equator. 'Latitudes' which includes a collection writing from many areas completed over the last twenty years.